Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Passing the Time.

Opened one eye this morning to peer at my digital clock. Pitch black. 6am. I turned over thinking I'd fall asleep again, but no. Wide awake. I thought briefly of my Solicitor cycling bravely to work in the dark morning, and then of course all the other thoughts came crowding in, thick and fast. Matters legal, matters familial and every other thing that's been on my mind for the last week. In the end I was singing quietly to myself under the duvet just to pass the time ("They can't take that away from me" and "These foolish things" - I know the Ella Fitzgerald/Cole Porter/Rodgers & Hart song books off by heart: every word, phrase and breath, from when I were a girl.) I was also making plans for the day in my head. I waited until 7.45 to get up and get on with it though.

I have just read about the death of Heath Ledger at 28. How terribly sad. And what a great loss of a talented young man. Son is 28 - and there have been times when I was terribly worried about him. Young men are very vulnerable, perhaps because they often feel they have to hide their true emotions, and I can imagine that the world in which Heath Ledger existed was fabulous, fantastic and also very lonely at times. Poor boy.

I'm hoping for good news today. It's only just 9am, so I'm going for a walk to pass the time. By the way, does anyone know how to set the right time on a Blog clock? According to mine, I apparently write posts at the most unearthly hours when I'm tucked up in bed, if not actually asleep...

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Casdok said...

Yes i to was sad to hear of the death of Heath Ledger, so young.

To change your blog clock, when you have written your post at the botton it says post options, click on that and you can change the time.