Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fading Fast..

I have to do this quickly while I can still stay awake. Since the Flat Sale was completed at 4pm yesterday, I have felt totally wiped out - not even jubilant as I had expected, but simply relieved and shattered. In the end, we had to wait (as it turned out) three whole days for our Buyer to produce all the money necessary to buy the Flat. Now you would have thought that as the whole selling and buying process took just over 7 months, she would have been prepared and ready with the money on Completion Day. Wouldn't you? No such thing - we had panic phone call after panic phone call (at least I did) saying that she had not known the total amount due and was desperately trying to get all the money to her Solicitors. Of course, I knew what we had to do, and had checked it with our Solicitor. She said she wasn't good at figures - I said I worked it out on the calculator. Anyway, this went on for three full days, and in the end the money only hit our account at 4pm yesterday, so it was too late to transfer it then (because of banking hours) and had to wait until this morning. I was instructed, however, to hand over the keys to her because the money was safe in our Solicitor's Account. (Of course it was, how silly of me!)
This I did, giving her our three sets of keys at 5pm. Great. I let everyone else know the good news, and then got ready to go out for supper with a friend. We walked to a local Italian restaurant (which turns out to be owned by Iranians!) and had a lovely meal and large glasses of white wine. The day was not over though - at 9.45pm my mobile rang and the new owner of Son's flat was almost in tears at the other end, saying she had locked herself out of the flat! She asked if I had any more keys. Of course I didn't because I had (as is legally required) given her all the keys in my possession. I should have felt sorry for her, but it was too late for that. I'd had three days of her delays and excuses, and the stresses and strains had just done for me. I said how sorry I was, but that I was in a restaurant with friends, and I couldn't help. Which was purely and simply the truth. Goodbye to that Flat and all who sail in her!

So today has been weird. I'm so tired I haven't been able to accomplish much, but I did buy flowers for the Storage lady, who has been marvellous, kind and helpful, and for my lovely downstairs neighbour who has sportingly agreed to let Son's wardrobe sit in our Entrance Hall until his new Flat is ready. Apart from that, and posting some eBay stuff, I've done very little. My cosy bed beckons.

Just before I turn in, I must tell you that I have new readers from some pretty far-flung places - Anchorage in Alaska, Turku in Western Finland, Kerala in India Adelaide in South Australia and Santiago in Chile, (that's just the last couple of days!) and I'm delighted to welcome them. I have to say, though, that no-one could be more special than my regular Blogging Friends - thanks for all your support and lovely comments while I have been staggering through the above-mentioned shite. I really have appreciated every kind thought and word.

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