Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another day, another dollar.

Today was a much better day, gloriously warm and sunny, and we have all calmed down a bit since yesterday. A good night's sleep usually helps to get things into better perspective, and sure enough everything looks brighter today. (Though that Landlord is about to get a nasty shock, which he thoroughly deserves!)

I cycled along the sea front to meet up with Daughter at a beach cafe and we sat drinking coffee and watching the sun sparkling on the sea. Grandson was in his pre-school today, until 2pm, so we had plenty of time to be idle for a change. Daughter now has nursery vouchers for his pre-school, which means that most of his hours are free. This comes into effect after the child is 3, and it means that she has gone from paying £53 a week to paying £10, and he gets an extra two hours a week. It's a very good scheme, and means that she can pay her bills without having to save quite so hard! He obviously feels very grown-up now that he is 'upstairs' with the big children - though they all look like tiny little scraps to me. And I don't want him to grow up anyway!

I was trying to buy a Birthday present for Son today on the Internet. I succeeded in the end, but it wasn't easy, and I always worry about giving my credit card details. I expect that's just my age. Son and his friends regularly leave their cards 'behind the bar' when they are out drinking. And I remember one occasion last year when he casually said that he'd forgotten and left his card there overnight, going back for it the next day. It really is a different world out there - I'd be paranoid about leaving my credit card in a pub. But, heigh-ho, they don't seem to think it's a problem, so I suppose it isn't.

I really must get back to my Ebay activities. A year ago I was doing a roaring trade in antique linens, eiderdowns and embroidered hankies - the sort of thing I've been collecting for years. I'm not quite sure why, but I now feel like clearing all this stuff out; I look at it and think "It's lovely, but I don't need it any more." Quite cleansing, and very good Feng Shui to clear the clutter. I was very impressed with the Ebay setup. It's a democratic organisation, and because every transaction is scrutinised, you can't get away with bad trading. They expect you to be honest and to behave with absolute integrity; every item has to be described, and photographed, in precise detail and each person, buyer and seller, leaves feedback on their experience at the end of each sale. I have sold items to people from around the world, and I've had really nice comments and feedback from buyers.(I'm very proud of my 100% positive feedback.) It's a bit like a global supermarket. Someone, somewhere will want what you have to sell, you just have to put it out there on display. It's good fun, and I thoroughly recommend it.


family affairs said...

Thanks for your latest comment - glad you had a better day yesterday. Seems to me the obvious thing to do would be to get your son to move in with your aristocratic BF!

family affairs said...

Thanks for your comments - must say, I'm very envious that you've got the sea nearby - I think maybe I could do with a touch of sea air...yup, I am still smiling - at least, having been through divorce, the minor stresses of life remain just that!