Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside.

Yesterday was pretty good on the whole, sunny and warm enough to take Grandson to the Paddling Pool (though the water has been drained out now) for a game of football.
One of my Brighton Best Friends came down to meet us, and we had a very sociable couple of hours, ending up at the Meeting Place with coffee and rock cake. Lovely.
Grandson was quite tired by this time, and wolfed down his sandwich and flapjack before settling quite happily into his buggy for the walk home.

My new student arrived in the middle of the afternoon, having travelled from Padua, via Stansted Airport. Padua sounds so romantic - I'm sure it's still essentially the same as it was when Shakespeare used it as a location for one of his plays. Was it "The Taming of the Shrew"? I can't remember, but must look it up. Anyway my new student is just like a Modigliani portrait to look at. She has the long, pale face, black hair parted in the middle and gathered in at the nape of the neck, wonderful pale skin, no makeup. She must have been some beauty when she was young. Sadly, her english is appalling - but of course she is here to improve it!

Breakfast this morning at 9am turned into breakfast at 9.30 because Italian Student didn't surface in time. I was going to the Car Boot, just to look, so had to scoot off and leave her to it. Gay Friend and I had a really good trawl of the stalls and came back with some great bargains - one of the things I found was a lovely old oak tray with metal handles and edges which I look forward to cleaning up and giving as a present to my Cornwall Best Friend. Gay Friend found an old enamel draining board (I can remember my grandmother using one just like it) and a great fold-up director's chair which had been recovered in a soft creamy velvet. Plus other bits and pieces. I think we spent about a fiver each!

Had a lovely message from Sister today, and phoned her back. It's great being in touch properly again, and getting involved with each other's lives. Then cooked supper for my Italian lady, after which I rushed off to do a Pub Quiz. Didn't win tonight though - there were only two of us Spritzer Sisters this evening, and we missed the extra brain power of the other regulars. I think we came fourth, and won a cuddly toy, which I tucked into my bag to give to Grandson tomorrow.

Heard on the news this morning that seaside towns are being targetted as good places to live by those on benefits - apparently it's a nicer life by the sea, even if you are a single parent or out of work. Those who surf and laze on the beach, however, are in for a bit of a shock. They are about to lose their benefits! What I want to know is how they are going to find out who is slacking and who isn't? I suppose a suntan would be a bit of a giveaway. Whatever next.

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