Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday Blues.

Rising with the lark this morning (actually about 7.30, but early for me on a Sunday), I was very pleased to be going to do the Car Boot Sale. Otherwise, it would have been just another Sunday with not much going on. Gay Friend decided to come too, and was ready with two flasks of green tea, at 8am. We met up with my lovely friend Em at the field, and unloaded all our tat onto wobbly tables in the hope that someone would buy it all. By midday, we had to admit that they were probably not going to - but we had sold quite a bit (Em always does well because she is so gorgeous, and everyone wants to talk to her, so they end up buying something just to get one of her smiles!) Anyway, it was good fun. Half way through Daughter and Grandson turned up, with the boyfriend in tow - hugs and kisses all round because I hadn't seen them for a week. (I had lovely presents from the Isle of Wight, including some very naughty fudge and a large rosy apple from Nanny Daisy's garden.) And another of my Best Friends came by with her daughter and grand-daughter, so it was a delightfully social event. Everyone found a bargain or two and we drank tea, ate bacon rolls, gossiped and laughed a lot. What better to do of a Sunday?

I still haven't spoken to Son, and still haven't got my mobile phone back! I'd quite like to do both - but have left messages for Son and can't do much more. I did repeat another Feng Shui ritual for the flat yesterday, and walked to the end of the Pier to throw another set of details into the sea. The tide was definitely going out; there was a strong current and a stiff wind, so the rolled details, tied with their red ribbon, receded quite quickly. I said a solemn goodbye to the flat,wished it well with its new owner, and stepped out afterwards, hoping that I wasn't getting too many strange stares.

I can't get enthusiastic about food today, so probably won't cook, which is unusual for me. I'm off to do a Pub Quiz with some very intelligent friends this evening. We always have a good time, and sometimes we win. This evening will be even more enjoyable because, of course, there's no smoking in pubs any more. For someone like me who is allergic to just about everything, including cigarette smoke, this is marvellous news. I'll be able to breathe. It may be just the boost our team needs to thrash the competition.

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