Monday, September 3, 2007

I don't like Mondays..

Last night was great. We won the Pub Quiz handsomely, which pissed off all the regulars in the Pub, but never mind. There were only 4 in our team, but, as I said before, they are all very intelligent. We are called the Spritzer Sisters, so no guesses about what we drink...

This morning, however, woke with a sick feeling. Yet another day with no movement on the flat sale, and I'm not feeling cheerful, to put it mildly. Of course, it has to move soon, no situation lasts forever, and I suppose Mondays are the pits. The sun is coming out though, so perhaps I'll go out for a cup of coffee. Small pleaures!

Well, today certainly lived up to my expectations. Had a chat to our flat buyer, a really lovely lady, who had no positive news to relate and is going on holiday for a week tomorrow. So no luck there. Phoned the estate agents to suggest reducing the price a bit, in the hope of getting more action. And then went to pay my Road Tax (£99 for six months!!) and various other bills. Next met up with Daughter, boyfriend and Grandson for a visit to the local childrens' hospital. As it turned out, we were in a reception area which was crammed with parents and children waiting... After a while I asked what the waiting time might be. This did bring a response, and a very polite one, but the upshot was that the Consultant (I don't know why I gave him a capital letter) was unwell and couldn't take his clinic. I did wonder how long they had had this information, and why we couldn't have been told the news when we arrived (ten minutes early) for our appointment. It was half an hour after the appointed time when we (and all the other very patient patients) were given that information. We left. As Grandson's appointment was not for anything urgent, we felt it was better to give other more urgent cases a fighting chance of actually seeing someone today. Thank god for good health and the ability to walk out. As the saying goes, if you want to stay fit, stay out of hospital..

Tonight I have Grandson staying over and, as the small bedroom is occcupied by one of Son's friends, he is sleeping in my bed. So it will be a cosy and warm end to the day. Snuggling up to a three-year-old sort of gets things into perspective. I'm going to bed early just in case I have to wake up at 5.30am.

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