Thursday, September 6, 2007

Talking Asparagus.

Talking to another Best Friend on the phone this morning, she made me laugh when we were discussing Risotto ingredients. (I'm going to visit her at the weekend, and taking a few tasty items with me.) I suggested asparagus and prawns, and she cast aspersions on the probable quality of the asparagus. As she grows her own, I assume she knows best, but it did make me laugh. I have some very posh friends - but this particular one is truly aristocratic. She is an Honourable, one of four daughters of a Lord (now deceased) and would make a wonderful "Princess and the Pea" person. She could certainly spot a pea at thirty mattresses, and is obviously not impressed with my attempts to feed her inferior asparagus!

I'm also taking some of my homemade preserves: damson jam and some crab apple jelly. And I'll be paying a visit to the Fish Man on the beach in the morning, to see what's fresh and tasty. It sounds as if we are going to spend the whole weekend eating, but that's not true. We will be gardening (I'll be dead-heading and pruning the roses) and talking non-stop. As well as entertaining a few of her friends and relations. (I look forward to getting away. And I've discovered that distance lends a bit of perspective to my everyday anxieties.) This BF lives almost next door to Sissinghurst Castle, so we may even go for a walk in the woods.

Today was gloriously sunny and hot, so Daughter, Grandson and I met at the Paddling Pool. Grandson is really a water baby; he splashes around for hours in complete happiness. And we also played a bit of football and paddled in the sea. Daughter is working at the Beach Cafe tomorrow, so I will be collecting Grandson from Nursery -
or should I say,Pre-School, as he's now "upstairs" with the big children. How time is flying. I watch him racing around and laughing, just enjoying life, and I don't want him to change. I love him just the way he is..

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Your daughter is very lucky to have you around to enjoy your grandson and help her mother lives too far away. Thanks so much for your support...Lulu, Family Affairs xxx