Friday, September 14, 2007

We're moving on..

Well, there is movement in the situation at last. I have done my Feng Shui best (as recommended by Sister), and it does seem to be having results. Yesterday we had a viewing at Son's flat, which today resulted in an offer - not a great offer, but not bad - and we also have another viewing tomorrow. This is about 200% more movement than we have had over the last six weeks, so I'm daring to feel hopeful. And we are still optimistic about the broken chain. So we do at least have a couple of options where we had none before.

When I told Son about the Feng Shui ritual, and suggested that he might like to have a go, he laughed and said "Does it matter if you're sceptical?" "Yes" I said, "I rather think it does." No comment.

The weather appears to be set fair, so Sister is coming down tomorrow and we are going to do the Car Boot Sale on Sunday. I'm so looking forward to seeing her, and do hope that she will be able to make some money selling her stuff. I haven't got much to sell, but will just enjoy the occasion and, hopefully, a bit of sunshine.
Daughter and Grandson will also come along to the Boot Sale, with the boyfriend, which will be a bit of a family reunion. It's probably five years since Daughter saw her only Auntie, and Grandson has never seen her, being only three! As Sunday is also Son's 28th Birthday, it looks like being a significant date to remember. Incidentally, I have promised not to phone and wake Son on Sunday, singing Happy Birthday, at 8 am. (Every year I remind him that when he was born he woke me at 6 am - and it was a Sunday.) As they are having a party in London tomorrow night, which will probably go on until Sunday morning, it only seems fair. He said "Don't worry Mum, I'll turn my phone off anyway." I guess I'll have to wait until the afternoon to wish him Many Happy Returns.

Terrible news, Terry Wogan is going on another holiday for two weeks. I felt quite down when he told us this morning - especially when I heard that Johnnie Walker will be taking over again. It's too bad. What am I supposed to listen to instead? I keep meaning to buy a 'docking' set-up for my Ipod, then I could listen to my music in any room in the house, and that would be a reasonable substitute for a while. I suppose another option is to use the 'listen again' facility on Radio 2, and just repeat old Terry Wogan shows for two weeks. Pathetic really, I must get out more.

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