Monday, September 24, 2007

Let me out of here.

Oh God, the sins of the Estate Agents are endless. This afternoon, after holding off all morning on checking the websites, we discovered that nothing had been put right. Nothing! Still no pictures, wrong prices and a complete blank on the "new" company website. We tried not to have hysterics, and thankfully read our horoscopes, which told us to calm down and not over react! More phone calls. More (empty) promises.

I went down to the flat to show some new prospective buyers around this evening. They are contacts from our private website, and were extremely nice. Just as I was showing them out, however, I managed to lock myself out, leaving bag, keys and phone inside. Luckily the couple had not left the building, and kindly let me use a mobile to call Daughter, who promptly said "You Wally." I waited only ten minutes for the Boyfriend to come to the rescue, but it really has been one of those days. Grandson is asleep upstairs, and I am about to follow suit. Tomorrow is another day...

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