Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You look tired..

Dammit, I've got the grit in the eyeballs from tiredness, plus a very attractive watery eye which could, of course, turn into conjunctivitis! Grandson is absolutely not to blame, because he slept like an angel in the small bedroom, and didn't come into my bed until about 5.45am this morning. That would have been fine if I had slept normally, but I did what I often do - lie awake thinking that he might wake up and also worrying about anything and everything that pops into my head. After he was collected by Daughter this morning, I gave in and went back to bed. And having slept for an hour and had a shower, I do feel semi-human again.

My horoscope today says that I should invest in something that improves my sense of self-worth. So, am going to make an appointment to have my hair cut, and have also decided to enter a poetry competition. Of course a rejection would not really improve my sense of self-worth, but that may - or may not - come later.

My lovely Italian Student was very impressed with Grandson at breakfast this morning. He insisted on buttering some toast and putting marmalade on too, then brought in his Thomas the Tank Engine dominoes and put them together in record time.
This was pretty impressive, particularly since his verbal skills have improved so much recently and he was very clear with all the names of the engines. My Italian Student said, smiling, "He is a fine boy." I couldn't have put it better myself.

It's sunny but cold, so I'm going out for a blast of fresh air to clear away the anxiety cobwebs that threaten to strangle me if I just stay in and do nothing.I have been searching through files for important pieces of paper, some of which I can't find, so a change of scene will hopefully bring a fresh perspective.
"How much time do I have left? A little while/
to stretch the skin across the bones and smile.."

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