Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And for my next trick..

The perfect end to a perfect day. After helping Daughter with the cleaning etc, at the flat, I went to collect the car with its new battery. Fine. Only £63. Then called her to say that I'd pick up all the toys etc that we had sorted out for the Charity Shop. As I pulled up outside the flat, amid the hooting buses and flashing white van men, I noticed that I had a flat tyre. Oh Joy. Drove very cautiously along the sea front until I lost my nerve and pulled over. Whereupon a knight in shining armour appeared on a bicycle and asked if I needed any help. Half an hour later, I had the emergency tyre on the car and limped home, having thanked my knight profusely. Tomorrow, I'll cheerfully fork out for a new tyre. Probably only £40.

I have just poured myself a large glass of wine. Looking forward to tomorrow..

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