Monday, October 15, 2007

'Nother Bit.

The word on the street today is all about DIY dentistry. What an horrific thought.
As BBF and I sat enjoying a cappucino and a pastry in the new deli, we heard several people talking about it in scandalized tones. People are actually pulling their own teeth rather than grapple with trying to find a local National Health dentist! I'm sure this is true, because I have had no luck in trying to find this rare animal. And the cost of what I would call 'simple' dentistry is pretty scandalous too. One filling costs £80 - I don't know what it costs to pull a tooth, but I do know that if you're a pensioner, paying £80 out of your monthly pension is going to leave a big hole in your budget for the month (never mind the gap in your teeth).

One of my other Brighton Best Friends has had a terrible time with dentists. And she is now going to the lengths of sueing because he has made such a mess of her dental work, besides causing her endless pain and problems. And my Aristocratic Best Friend has gone off on holiday (to France actually) with a new implant practically falling out after four or five visits to a very expensive dentist in London. He just doesn't seem to be able to get it right! The trouble is, you never get a second opinion with a dentist. They all seem to know what they are doing, but never really explain it to you - and whoever you ask, it always costs more than the last dentist you asked. Some serious work is needed to get things right. And how would we expect MPs to sympathize. On their salaries, they can afford all the expensive implants, bridges, crowns, laser cleaning, root planing, whitening, or whatever they want. Once again, it's only the people who pay for everything out of their taxed income, or their pensions, who are short-changed.

Stop Press on Ming (?) Campbell this evening, who has finally been shouldered out of the Lib Dems. They really have had a wobbly time lately. Perhaps they should bring back Jeremy Thorpe (though I don't think he's still alive) to give the party a bit of zest - or just cast about for a character actor who could give a believable performance on the Conference stage. Golden must be rubbing his hands with glee - another rival bites the dust without even drawing his gun..

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Rob Clack said...

I have voted Liberal and then Lib Dem since being allowed to vote, but I don't like the ageist tone of the ousting of Ming. Not sure I could bear to vote for any of the others, so perhaps I'll just not vote at all next time.