Saturday, October 27, 2007

Getting Better.

Feeling so much more positive today, which is probably to do with having slept well and not feeling so anxious generally. Grandson slept well too, and this morning made his own scrambled egg for breakfast. He had a little help, of course, but not much - I was mostly concerned with keeping his fingers away from the hot spots. Anyway, it was a great success and he ate every scrap. Very impressive. He then joined my French Student, who arrived home just in time for breakfast this morning at 8.30! They ate pains au chocolat together.

French Student has found a part-time job already, and is now looking for somewhere to live in Brighton. So far she has seen a couple of places which were very grotty and dirty, and also expensive. This doesn't surprise me, but she is obviously quite shocked. I have offered that she can stay on a while after next week-end if she doesn't find anywhere decent, so we shall see what happens. She will have to be very quick off the mark to get a good one..

Daughter arrived with the Boyfriend, looking rested and feeling much better this morning. I can remember how hard it was to recover from anything when one had the constant demands of small children to attend to. After my brain tumour, I was so weak for so long. I remember crawling up the stairs on hands and knees at the end of each day, knowing that Daughter would probably be up again at 6am (she was only 18 months old and Son was three). It was a tough year, and only made bearable by an absolute angel who lived in the village and used to come in every morning to help. She would turn up at about 9am, by which time I'd had it already, and would send me back to bed with a cup of tea for a couple of hours while she amused the children. She certainly earned her wings - Jukie, you were a saint and I really don't know what I would have done without you!

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