Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lavender Chocolate and other Treats.

Yesterday evening was good fun. Gay Friend sat and chatted to my French Student while I cooked, and then after the food we chose to watch "Ghost". Gay Friend had never seen this, which I found amazing. I do love the film - it's the manifestation of the forces of good and evil that I like best. It affected me really strongly the first time I saw it, and it still gives me cold shivers now, 17 years later. Demi Moore is so beautiful, and Patrick Swayze almost too sensitive. And Whoopi Goldberg (what a weird name when you look at it; is she Jewish?) is always good value. A really good movie. Our after dinner treat was some organic dark chocolate bought by Gay Friend, which was flavoured with Lavender essential oil. Strange but true, and a wonderful taste.

I have to apologise to the people who go to the trouble of commenting on my blog. I know it's pathetic, but I can't seem to reply to them. I have tried clicking on the reply button and sending a message, but it just gets sent back to me as undeliverable. Why isn't a reply directed to their email address? I know that when you make comments, you have to leave an email address, so surely that wouldn't be difficult to arrange? I have resorted to posting comments on their blogs, if they have them - but it's not the same as sending a polite acknowledgement. Quelle bore.

Today I deserted my sick family and scooted off to spend a day with my ex-Arundel BF and my Bosham BF. Bosham BF and her husband, whom I have known these 40 years, don't actually live there, but rent this darling little cottage overlooking the water. They take it for the Winter, from October to March, so have a perfect hideaway to disappear to whenever life in the country gets too hectic. We sat in the glorious sunshine, drinking wine and eating gorgeous fish pate and homemade little tartlets with salad. Everyone who walked past looked very envious, as well they might. We looked at photographs of ex-Arundel BF's new house in France, which looks lovely - quite a challenge because there's plenty of work to do on it - and with fabulous views all round. The water gleamed in the sun, and there was not a breath of wind. Swans swanned past, wading birds did darting runs and speared invisible titbits, boats puttered across the estuary from time to time and the tide crept up nearly, nearly to the path. It was pure heaven, and I really didn't want to leave.

Tomorrow I will probably have to go and rescue Grandson from the sick house. Daughter and the boyfriend are both now very poorly and they have all been to the Doctor today (though at least Grandson's spots turned out not to be anything nasty or contagious). Ah well, back to the real world..

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