Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Quick and the Dead.

This morning I'm going to collect Grandson because Daughter is not well. Yesterday my Grandson had a terrible sore throat, and couldn't swallow or speak. They sent him home from Pre-School with a temperature and feeling very poorly. When I saw him in the afternoon, he was just lying on his Mum, like a droopy little elf. Anyway, today she has caught whatever it was, and I have volunteered to have Grandson here. He sounds much better, can actually speak, and wants to come and play in the garden! As it's drizzling with rain and pretty gloomy, I don't think we'll be doing that.

Checking on my Sitemeter today, I have even more, far-flung readers! Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Santiago (Chile), Dayton Ohio, Akron Ohio (2 in Ohio - what's the population of Ohio again?), and Grand Rapids, Oregon. And Sitemeter lets you zoom in to see an enlarged map. It's very exciting and quite good for my Geography, which has always been poor.I put this down to my Geography teacher at the Romford County High School for Girls. She was called Miss Davey, and had an enlarged lower jaw, rather like Desperate Dan. (Thankfully she didn't have Desperate Dan's stubble.) Sadly, she was not a good teacher either, so Geography was never made interesting for me - until now, that is. It just goes to show that making a subject personal brings it to life. Anyway, thanks to Sitemeter for making Geography interesting at last.

I heard Jeremy Thorpe mentioned on Terry Wogan's programme this morning, (though I didn't hear the context) so other listeners are on the same wavelength regarding the Lib Dems. Of course we won't be raising the dead, but the Lib Dems certainly need a life injection...

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Stinking Billy said...

You can now add Northumberland to your sitemeter index. I have just trawled through your blogs and was amazed to note that you were yet to receive your first comment. Presumably your readers contacted you by e-mail?

I say "amazed" because I find you an able and interesting writer, but I am also just a little reassured because I have just finished bleating in my own blog about having been deserted by the few who had appended comments to my first half-dozen posts.

Mind you, I do go on a bit. ;-)