Saturday, October 13, 2007


I know I've already done my bit for today, but I'm so excited - my latest reader is in Montevideo, Uruguay - how cool is that? And I'm into double figures: 10 views for each of the last three days. I don't know what I've been doing that's any more interesting, unless Golden Brown has set his spies on me!

Ah well, time for a glass of wine and some mature reflection. It has been a lovely day and my walk was perfect; the sun was sparkling on the sea, and I came back to do a bit of gardening. Maybe tonight my numbers will come up on the Lottery..

Giving a title to this has just reminded me that years ago, when I was at the Romford County High School for Girls, I starred in the Sixth Form production of 'Lady Precious Stream' and I still remember my opening lines: "I am your humble maid Precious Stream, and I heard my Father calling me to come to the garden and see him." I somehow managed to acquire a fan club of younger girls, and they nicknamed me 'nother bit. This was explained to me as Precious Stream, shortenend to P.S., ie another bit at the end of a letter. Clever eh? Funny the things you remember...

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family affairs said...

thanks for your messages - still not sure how to successfully send them - how do I leave a message at the bottom of your most recent blog? Tried to reply through gmail, don';t think that worked either - isn't it exciting to have readers in far flung places!!