Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cosmopolitan or what..

Well, who's the cosmopolitan Blogger now - as of yesterday and today, I have readers in Montevideo, Los Angeles and the City of London as well as quite a few in our own dear Blighty. It is wonderful to know that anyone at all might be reading my Blog, because you imagine that you're burbling away to the Universe and the words are just floating off like soap bubbles and popping before they can be enjoyed by anyone else. Hello everyone out there - it's lovely to know that I'm talking to someone.

I didn't quite win a fortune last night, but did win £10 on the Lottery. It rather made me feel that I should have asked for a bigger win. Perhaps the Universe was listening, and I wasn't specific enough. Next time I'll ask for the Jackpot and see what happens.

Heard this morning on the news (several times) that obesity will soon be as big a problem as climate change. Does this mean that all the truly obese people will be asked to stand at the bottom end of the British Isles so that it tips into the sea? Otherwise, I can't quite see how they can compare the two. (I wish I could draw, because that would make a fab newspaper cartoon.)

Another glorious day, so went to the Car Boot Sale early with one of my Brighton Best Friends. It's the just best fun you can have for a fiver on a sunny Sunday morning. Now I'm sitting on my balcony enjoying the sun and waiting for my new French Student who is arriving any minute. More info later..

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