Friday, October 26, 2007

When will we share precious moments?

I cooked a particularly good spaghetti Bolognese last night, which just goes to show that a little angst thrown in with the other ingredients adds that 'je ne sais quoi' to the taste. My French Student and I enjoyed it with some french bread. Sadly, Son didn't make it down to Brighton in time to eat with us - in fact he didn't appear at all last night. He was late leaving London, and went straight to friends before the Laurent Garnier gig at the Concorde. I hadn't heard of this person, and thought he might be a bottle of Champagne. Anyway, he's a well known French DJ, of the House persuasion and his appearance last night was enjoyed by all. So my French Student didn't get to meet Son after all, which would have been nice. Maybe some other time..

I kept waking up last night, and the heebie-jeebies had me at 4am. I just couldn't think of anything else but impending gloom and doom for us all - and by the time I fell out of bed this morning, I was as grey and depressed-looking as the day itself. Thankfully, though, there was a bit of good news from our hanging-in-there buyer. When I phoned her to see what might be happening, she told me that she has another possible buyer who seems very keen. More importantly, this could be a first-time buyer with no attendant chain. We had a long chat, which reassured us both, and are now looking forward to some better news very soon. We have become quite good friends over the last four months, since we are both selling and buying privately. Had there been Agents involved, we probably would have had very different experiences. Here's hoping that it all works out.

Felt much more cheerful after that conversation, and it was even better when Son phoned to see if there was any food going. I hadn't seen him since before his birthday in September, so it was great to be cooking him brunch. We had a companionable half hour before I went to collect Daughter and Grandson from Nursery. Later, we all sat and caught up, with Grandson sitting on Son's knee and making us all laugh. These times together are too brief really, but I know that their lives move so fast. Son and his Music Buddy have been asked to do a remix for a label that's putting out some good stuff, so they had to hot-foot it back to London to work on it over the weekend. Daughter was feeling rather wobbly, so I have kept Grandson here for the night, and she has gone home to have a cosy evening with the Boyfriend.

In the news today, very pertinently, was the Government's intention to vaccinate all young girls against the Human Pappilloma Virus (genital warts to you and me), which is sexually transmitted, and is the main cause of Cervical Cancer. This is very good
news indeed for all young women, and though it comes a little late for my Daughter, it is a cause for celebration.

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