Monday, October 8, 2007

Politically correct?

It does seem that Golden Brown has ducked before the shit could hit the fan. How calm he is, how unpleasant. He is being so careful not to upset anyone, or raise his voice. He reminds me of a parent who is trying to keep his temper with a small and very irritating child. He thinks that if he grits his teeth and smiles, then no-one will know how angry he is, and how he is planning to get even later. Forget it, Golden, you've been rumbled.

Good news this morning. I'm getting another student at the weekend, for three weeks. And my French Lady, who teaches at the European School of Animal Osteopathy in Brighton, (that's not a joke, it's a real place) is arriving this Friday for three nights. Hooray, I'm going to be busy, and it will be a handy bit of money coming in.

Daughter and I went to Tesco this morning to shop for food. This is for Grandson's new food regime, so we were looking at all the labels and avoiding sugars and other additives. We realized (why didn't we know sooner) that your average orange juice has masses of sugar in it, so didn't buy any. Instead she bought a carton of Innocent Smoothie, with no additives of any kind, and is going to ration his intake, dilute it with water and make one carton last a week. We checked the labels on everything else we bought, and ended up with a good selection of healthy stuff which will hopefully also taste good when cooked. When we collected Grandson from Pre-School he had eaten all his lunch (ham sandwich, apple, raisins) and had only had water to drink. Then he had some dried apricots, raisins and grapes during the afternoon. Supper was a bit of a washout because he didn't eat more than a couple of mouthfuls of his baked potato. And he completely ignored the chopped ham and sweetcorn in tomato sauce, which was delicious but different from what he has been having. To make up for it, he had a cupful of milk before bed - let's hope he doesn't wake up hungry.

Son is off on holiday for a week tomorrow. He is going with friends to a house on Crete, which sounds perfect. I hope he enjoys it - he has had a pretty difficult time this year so far, and really needs a break. I'm hoping that by the time he comes back we will have positive and definite news about the flat sale. Everything is crossed..

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