Sunday, October 21, 2007


Yesterday morning I was awake and up very early, because of Grandson, and so saw a fox from the kitchen window. It was quite small and really beautiful - possibly a young one because of its size. It wasn't the sort of foxy red colour one expects, but a very pale beige with a few black accessories (rather elegant) and with a luxuriant black brush. It moved very quickly, over the shed roof down into the back garden, and then went back again a few moments later. I haven't seen a fox here before, but I do hear them at night sometimes, And I have heard owls at night too. You wouldn't think of Hove as a wild animal habitat, and we are on a main road. When I told my downstairs neighbour about this sighting, she was rather anxious for her two little cats, Tom and Gertie. I'm not sure that a fox would go for a cat, but who knows? I'm inclined to think that any sensible cat would keep out of the way of a fox - most cats are pretty clued up when it comes to self-preservation.

This morning was sparkling and sunny again, so Daughter and I went with Grandson to the Car Boot Sale. It was freezing cold, but worth it for the glorious views alone, as you sit with your cup of tea, or whatever, and your bacon sandwich. We bought more videos for the home movies, some home-grown red onions which were beautifully plaited, and some lovely brown free-range eggs. And Grandson spent his pocket money on a Power Rangers book and a stuffed Rupert Bear, who looked brand new. Daughter is feeling much better, and has lost half a stone because she hasn't been able to eat for the best part of a week. It's an ill wind, as they say..

Shame about the Rugby, I suppose. I'm far more concerned that my team, the Spurs, are in the bottom three of the Premiership. How did that happen? I so remember the "Glory Days" when we couldn't stop winning everything: the days of Bobby Smith, Danny Blanchflower, Jimmy Greaves and Dave Mackay; the days of Gary Lineker and Gazza. OK, so I have a long memory, but once a Spurs fan, always a Spurs fan.

I'm off now for a walk by the sea. I can't sit here while the sun is shining, and besides, I need the exercise. When I read about other people's experiences, I'm glad I didn't opt for running when I was younger, because I might now have dodgy knees and not even be able to walk.

Latest news from Sitemeter is more International readers (New York, Brazil, Ottawa and Argentina) and more home readers. And the fact that my blog has been added to someone's favourite blog list. I'm thrilled to bits, of course. I just wish I knew how to add a list of my favourites to my blog! I must keep trying. Which reminds me of what I once said to my Headmistress at the Romford County High (her name was Miss Bubbers, and she was a tartar). I was in trouble for some reason, and whined "I am trying, Miss Bubbers." "Indeed you are, Margaret." she replied, with a frosty smile. It was my first lesson in the importance of getting your grammar right.

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