Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tension all Shipping!

This week has been complete shite so far, and it's only Thursday! This morning I managed to get the car down to the tyre place for a new tyre (£47), which was duly put on with the promise to also put the spare and the jack etc, back in position in the boot. When I arrived home and checked the boot, there it all was, just thrown in. I was so angry that I drove straight back, much too fast, and stood over them while they did what they had promised to do earlier. Not a good start.

Daughter and Grandson were waiting when I finally stomped in the door - and as we had a viewing at Son's flat, we all had to stay out until 2.30pm. Our planned trip to the park was interrupted by a call from the Agents, who had lost the keys! We had to drive over and give them Daughter's keys so that they could have another set cut, and then we went to the park. It was cold, grey and miserable. We attempted to have some lunch in the park cafe, but Grandson had different ideas. He had obviously picked up on the tensions - Daughter is not feeling well after her op. yesterday and I'm just about to boil over with all the frustrations relating to the car and the flat - and just wouldn't agree to anything. Hot chocolate, sausage rolls and fish fingers and chips were all rejected. We all ended up practically at screaming pitch. Poor Daughter, having to put up with Grandson and me! Finally, we drove back into town, not knowing what to do about collecting the keys, only to discover that the people who were coming to view simply didn't turn up! I can tell you, the language was appalling - even Grandson went quiet. I dropped them off and drove home feeling utterly and completely beaten by it all. I'm going to do some cooking now, in the hope that it will calm me down..

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Rob Clack said...

Hope things are improving for you. It's miserable when everything just seems to keep going wrong.

If it were me (I know this might not press any of your buttons) I'd go down to the beach, stare out to sea and just listen to the waves for a bit. I find that infinitely soothing.