Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yesterday...all my troubles seemed so far away.

An awful lot has happened since yesterday. Daughter, feeling very sick and not much better, came to collect Grandson yesterday, and we ended up going out to a local park for a bit as it was a lovely day (again) and we all needed some fresh air. Sadly, though, my car would not start when we all got back in. Panic. The battery was dead flat. So I phoned a friend (the husband of one of my BBFs) and he came out with jump leads to help. It was quite funny really, because when he arrived he couldn't find his battery to connect us up. Daughter was able to inform him that the battery was probably in the boot - his car is a Mini - as she knew that Minis used to have all their workings in the boot! How clever. Then we tried and there was no response at all - as it turned out, because he hadn't started his engine! Now this may be page one for those of you who know about cars, but it was news to me (and to him!). Next, with his engine going, my car started very enthusiastically. Fine, so I dropped off Daughter and Grandson and took the car in to my local garage. They looked long and hard at my battery, which seemed to be charging up pretty well, and then asked how old it was. I replied six years, which was the cause of hoots of laughter. Apparently that's a great age for a battery and I needed a new one. Fine!

The evening was spent eating bangers and mash with friends. And I tuned in to Son's DJ set on a digital radio station when I got home, so that was a nice end to the day.

This morning I had promised to accompany Daughter on a visit to the Hospital (or the Water Pistol, as Grandson calls it). This was a follow-up to her recent cervical smear test, and as it turned out her results showed some pre-cancerous cells which needed immediate attention. So she had to have a couple of injections in the cervix (ouch!), and the offending cells were removed then and there. This left her very shaky (naturally) and she has to look after herself for the next few weeks. She said that the doctor was very good - thoughtful and considerate - and has given her explicit instructions about what to look out for and how to cope with the healing process. He said that he was pretty sure that he had got all the bad cells. We do hope so! Interestingly, he also said that she must absolutely not smoke, (not that she does any more) because if she does the cancer will not go away. I was amazed to learn this, and do think that this fact should be added to the advertising messages on the dangers of smoking. Thankfully, the Boyfriend doesn't smoke any more either, but she will have to be very careful. She can't lift anything heavy (like Grandson, who weighs a ton) or do anything strenuous while it all heals up. And she has to have six-monthly check-ups and tests for the next five years! I'm very pleased that this was picked up so quickly, and followed through so efficiently, but what a fright it has given us. And yesterday I though a flat battery was bad news...

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