Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Counting our Blessings.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful - I've been out and tried it, but have come back indoors to hibernate. It's a pouring day, a day for cups of tea with biscuits dipped in. Actually, this evening Gay Friend and I are having another of our supper and video evenings. This time, he is going to cook, which is a rare treat for me. We're having calves liver and spinach, with pineapple for dessert. Sounds lovely. And I have bought the wine and some sweeties as an indulgence for later.

Son has gone off cheerfully to Crete for a week. I do hope it will be hot and sunny there. I spoke to him when he was on his way to the airport, and let him know that the flat sale is still in positive mode. I spoke to our buyer this morning; she has accepted the new buyers' offer, and they are arranging a survey. Everyone wants to move quickly, so it's looking good.

There's good news on Grandson's new food regime too. He is getting used to the difference between thirsty and hungry - bless him - and the latest news is that he ate all his supper this evening: sausages (healthy ones), carrots, cauliflower and peas and some home-made chips (made by Daughter's fair hand). His dessert was a cut-up apple and half a croissant. He has been drinking the smoothie, watered down with lots of water, and actually had his own bottle of water when I saw them earlier today. I'm sure that the transition won't be entirely smooth, because he has been used to having a sugar rush. Poor little chap, that's not his fault. And I feel really bad that I didn't spot it sooner. Actually, if I'm really honest, I did think of it, but didn't like to interfere! I wondered if his behaviour was sometimes diet related, and particulary sugar-related. Wrong again - I should have said something but Daughter does such a good job that I really don't think I should criticise her. I know how difficult it is being a single parent - the last thing you want is your mother telling you what's what. Anyway, between us we've now gone through the dummy-related speech therapy, the night-time nappy drama, and now the new food regime. And I must say that in each case, Grandson has come through with flying colours, adapting to each new situation with intelligence and good humour. That's pretty amazing for a three-year old. And his Mum's not bad either. I'm very proud of them both.

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