Thursday, November 1, 2007

Absent without Leave.

Sorry, I've been absent without leave since Monday, and it was all my own fault. In a moment of inattention on Monday evening, I knocked my glass of wine over and most of it splashed around and into my keyboard. I mopped it up, cursing my stupidity and the loss of a perfectly good glass of wine, but sadly the wine got into the workings and the result was that I couldn't type some letters or numbers. I lost 'o', 'p' and most of the numbers, plus a few other random letters. You'd be amazed how many words require the letters o or p - just try it. And, of course, I couldn't log on to my Blog. I hope that is a satisfactory explanation. I did feel very guilty in case I had any faithful readers out there wondering what had happened to me. Mea culpa.

This afternoon my lovely Computer man (called Dan), came with a new keyboard for me to use while he tries to fix the old one. I do hope he can, because the beloved old one is black and silver and goes with my whole system. I musn't complain though because he is always so helpful and thoughtful. And he has had a shite year too - we were comparing notes and saying how much we look forward to better times.

An update on Daughter's situation: she is still not feeling very good, and is bleeding quite a lot. She also became aware of some changes yesterday, and had to go to her doctor for the antibiotics which had been prescribed by the Consultant in case of this very thing happening. She looks very tired and somehow older - bless her, she's only 25, but of couse it's experiences like this that make us grow up rather suddenly. We begin to be aware that we might not be immortal or invulnerable. It's rather sad for parents who are observing this, because we never stop wanting to protect our children, however old they are. Anyway, the Boyfriend has come up trumps. He has taken time off work and has been staying with her all week so that he can look after her. It has meant that she could relax and not have to lift and carry Grandson all the time. The little rascal is with me tonight, and is snoring away in my bed. Tomorrow morning I have to take him to Nursery where they are having a Slumber Party! I have bought him some new pyjamas from Primark, with little monkeys on them (most appropriate), and he has a new dressing gown and slippers to wear too. I should take a photo of him because he will look just adorable in that outfit, rather like one of the little old seven dwarfs..

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Stinking Billy said...

Just as a matter of interest, are you a gran, grandma or nana? Our youngest granddaughter (9)calls us nana and granda', while referring to her distaff g'parents as grandma and grandad.

It's of absolutley no importance, of course, but I have always wondered why I don't warrant the final 'd'? Am I being neurotic? ;-)