Saturday, November 24, 2007

Money, money, money..ain't it funny..

So much to write about, so little time. There was a lot of political talk on the radio this morning about Golden Brown and Alastair Darling - and about the fact that, while Golden doesn't own up to anything, Mr Darling (remember him in Peter Pan?) is taking responsibility for the current government problems in his department. How commendable, and how pathetic our Pry (sic) Minister looks by comparison. At least some commentators were saying today that good old Golden started most of these scenarios when he was "in charge", have the scales fallen from their eyes? Can a duck swim? And then there was the talk about Northern Rock: the chief Shareholder is now carping at the possibility that some of their assets might have to be sold off in a dodgy market, and so not make as much money as he thinks they're worth. Did no-one tell him that "when you invest in Shares, the value of your investment may go up or down" ? Funny how it's one rule for 'them' and another for 'us'.

Writing about my Father yesterday reminded me that his name was something which changed all the time. When he was born, he was christened (or so we believe) Jasper Stanley. By the time I remember him, when I was about eight onwards, he was called Jim by everyone, including my Mum. Then, when they had divorced and he was living in London, he was universally known as John - which was quite definitely not his name.
Hence the name of his son, my half-brother, Jeremy John, whom Joan (wicked step-mother) mistakenly assumed she was naming after his father! Quite funny really.

Guess what, I won another £19.50 on Euromillions last night. The prizes are slowly increasing in value, so watch out for a Jackpot coming my way. I spent some of my winnings on a rabbit (dead, not alive) in the Farmers' Market in George Street today. I'm going to casserole it with some cider. Yummy.

Again on the radio this morning, I was listening to Fee Glover talking to a young "Cage Fighter" about what he does for a living. It all sounded rather gruesome and bloody. She asked him how his Mum felt about it, and he said she worries - no kidding - but he has been known to say to her (and I quote) "Don't worry Mum, I'm going to bash him up in a minute." Aah, bless..


Anonymous said...

Hi Margot! Lovely to meet you on my blog. Yes, we have been made famous by the one and only Stinking Billy.

Well done on your windfall. I will keep my fingers crossed (and have a little peep into my Crystal Ball) for you to win the jackpot, but don't forget your new best friend, will you!!!!!

Best wishes, Crystal xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Of course not, Crystal! Have tried to email a response to you but not sure it worked. Thanks anyway for your comments and support - and for being my new BF. Margot xx