Friday, November 9, 2007


This morning a rude awakening when the telephone rang at 7.30am. It turned out to be a wrong number, which was pretty infuriating, but the worst thing was being woken from my dream. It was in glorious technicolour and I was sitting at a huge, round table with a lot of other people (where I don't know) and was about to be introduced to Terry Wogan! It was a sunny day, everyone was smiling, and I was wondering what I would say when the moment came. I tried to go back to sleep, just to see if I could slip back into the dream, but no luck. Ah well..

There is no more news on either of our flat buyers, but we had another viewing this morning through the Agents. This couple (again) seemed very nice and liked the flat, though I no longer have any faith in my ability to spot potential buyers. At first it seemed obvious, but now I haven't a clue - and I'm beginning to see just how Estate Agents earn their money. When this little episode is over, I don't want to have anything to do with buying and selling property for a very long time.

My Aristocratic BF is coming down for the weekend, which will be lovely. She is bringing some more apples and crab apples I think, just to keep me occupied. And if the weather is OK we'll be going for walks down by the sea. She also wants to do some shopping in our huge new Primark, and in Marks & Spencer. I don't mind as long as I don't have to shop too - I just can't raise the enthusiasm for buying anything lately - except the bare essentials.

Son is apparently suffering from the 'flu and is at home in bed. Grandson isn't well either and was sent home from Nursery today after being sick. Even Hon.Grandaughter, who was coming to stay the night tonight, had to cry off because she had a tooth out yesterday and is still not feeling well. On the good side, however, Daughter is feeling better, having finished her antibiotics, and I'm fit as a flea. Not that I want to tempt fate!

Both of my Brighton BFs have been having difficult times, and so I haven't seen much of them lately. One has a Mother-in-Law, in her late eighties, who lives 'oop North' and has just had an operation. My BF and her husband are spending a lot of time driving to and fro and trying to sort things out, and it's obviously miserable for them all. My other BBF is trying to juggle a very demanding full-time job, a husband(ditto) and a lovely Mum who lives quite near, but who is very ill indeed. It makes me realize that I have absolutely nothing to complain about. My worries are all little ones by comparison...

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