Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rainy Sunday Afternoon.

As I sit here typing away, the rain is lashing at my windows. I went out to lunch today with my downstairs neighbour and her friend from across the road, and when we went out it was cold but not too bad. Two hours later (it took that long to get lunch in the pub!) we were soaked from head to toe and buffeted by the wind before we had walked more than a few yards. When the weather comes down here, it doesn't muck about. It was lovely to get indoors and cosy up with a cup of tea.

I have sent off my estimate for doing the writing work for my Portuguese client, and have sat putting yet more things on eBay since then. Also, the flat sale contract arrived yesterday, so we will have to deal with that quickly. It would have been easier if Son had come down for the weekend, but he had other business - Friday he was going to the Queen Elizabeth Hall for some Jazz, and today he was playing football - in this weather! Just like the old days - a bit of rain and wind wouldn't have stopped us back then.

This morning on the steam radio there was a bit about the Queen's 60th Wedding Anniversary. I gather they have put 47 facts about their wedding (or is it 60) on their website. The one that caught my ear was about their wedding cake. Apparently
the ingredients came from Australia because of rationing over here in 1947. How clever of Queenie to get round that one while the rest of us were making do with eggless cake.. But hang on, surely the eggs didn't come all the way from Australia?

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