Saturday, November 3, 2007

Leave your worries on the doorstep.

Thank heaven, today has been much better. I had a phone call from Son this morning, and he has a friend of a friend who wants to look at his flat on Monday - who knows it could be good news. I also won £10 on Euromillions (£9.80 actually), which made me feel better, if not much richer. Then I had another conversation with our long-term buyer with the broken chain, which was at least positive. After all this I took myself out for a long walk in the sun. It has been the most glorious and warm day again. I walked down to the Meeting Place (everyone who lives here knows this beachside cafe - open every day including Christmas Day, when they give away mince pies to anyone who turns up) to meet up with Daughter, Grandson and the Boyfriend.
As I walked towards the Cafe, Grandson spotted me and raced towards me with arms outstretched shouting "Nana" at the very top of his voice. I was quite overcome, which I put down to my over-emotional state lately, and lifted him up for a huge and rather tearful cuddle.

We sat and had very companionable cups of coffee. Daughter is still not feeling at all well. The antibiotics are probably not helping, though they will be zapping the infection. At least we spent a lovely couple of hours in the sun, with Grandson zipping along on his scooter. And they have now gone off to a Fireworks display with friends this evening. I'm not keen on Fireworks, so I'm staying home with a glass of wine and my French Lady for company. When we lived in Cambridge, we would walk to Midsummer Common for the Fireworks and Bonfire, meeting up with friends and their families on the way. It was a very jolly annual event, which I expect is still continuing. There was always a fair and sideshows too, and the organisers sent people round with buckets to collect contributions. It was a great family evening, and my children loved it. We went every year, rain or shine, for fifteen years. Those were the days.

Quite coincidentally, my young French Student has gone to Cambridge today on a trip organised by her Language School. It was a day of blue skies and sunshine, so she will have seen Cambridge at its very best. I used to cycle past King's College and the Chapel every weekend, on my way to the Market, and every time the sheer beauty of the place took my breath away. Even after fifteen years it was still as wonderful as the first time I saw it. Then, I was holding hands with Jack, practically skipping with pure joy, and completely under the spell of the place and of him. That wonder never really went away - unlike Jack..

I have been singing this song in my head all day "The Sunny Side of the Street", and it has reminded me of my Mother. She loved popular music, and was mad about Ivor Novello and Mario Lanza. She had a lovely singing voice when she was young,and sang in her church choir. We all sang all the time at home, and even made up our own operas - or rather we would dramatize whatever we were doing and put it to music. Strange. Gold dust at my feet...

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