Thursday, November 29, 2007

Filling in Time.

Can't believe I didn't get around to writing anything yesterday - I don't know what I did with the day, but it wasn't anything very productive. The semi-exciting news is that Son and his friend have found a flat in London that they would like to buy. This means that the pace will quicken I imagine, as they have put in an offer and are waiting to see if it will be accepted. I'm glad it's not me dealing with Estate Agents in London (or anywhere else, come to that)..

I'm very cross that I seem to be gradually putting on weight again - especially after my triumph with Weightwatchers last year. I know it's my own fault, but I only have to look at a biscuit and my resolve is in shreds. I even had a cream tea when I was out the other day - and there really is no excuse for that. I just wish I could eat anything I liked and stay thin - just like I used to do. Son has that type of physique: he can eat as much as he likes and not gain an ounce. My Dad used to say that I could eat half the turkey (and often I did) and still look like a stick. Oh for those bygone days.

My eBay activities are taking up quite a lot of time too, so double whammy on the computer. This is sitting down time, so maybe that is adding to my avoirdupoids? The weather doesn't help either, as it was lashing rain all day yesterday and again this morning. I have to nip out later and post an eBay item, and renew my parking permit, so that will be a bit of enforced exercise. I will also get a bit more running about because Grandson is coming to stay the night with me too, as Daughter and the Boyfriend are going out this evening to see someone called Bill Bailey. Apparently he is a stand-up comedian. Funny, but I just can't bear Stand-up comedy. I don't find it funny (?) and it makes me squirm - rather like Brass Bands, the ukelele and Shirley Bassey - these are all things I have to turn off when they appear either on the TV or radio. But give me an old movie, a poem, a play or some Mozart (or, of course, Terry Wogan) and I'm hooked. Speaking of which, I semi-watched most of "My Cousin Vinny" again last night, while sewing and doing my nails, simply because there was nothing else I remotely wanted to watch, and he was keeping me company.

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Anonymous said...

I hope your son and his friend lots of luck in their new home. I know London is pricey but I don't know much about the market.

I say eat what you like! It's nearly Christmas. As soon as Advent starts that's my excuse for eating as much chocolate and having as many cream teas as I want. The fun starts in the New Year when I can't fasten my clothes.

Crystal xx