Monday, November 12, 2007

Shopping, Walking, Eating, Talking.

Had a mostly enjoyable weekend with my Aristocratic BF, which focussed mostly on walks by the sea and food - two of our favourite things. Luckily the weather was good on both days, so our walks were just perfect. On Saturday, after buying some Lemon Sole from the fishman on the beach, we walked along to the Meeting Place and sat with coffee and naughty cake looking out to sea. After this indulgence, we went up the hill to town, and Aristocratic BF managed to spend over £50 in Primark. (This takes some doing, as Son remarked.) We were very hot by this time - those shops are kept far too warm - so we jumped on the bus home. Our supper was grilled Lemon Sole with saute potatoes and peas, followed by pancakes, which I love making (and eating).

On Sunday, after the emotional Remembrance Service, we took ourselves off for another walk by the sea. It was very sunny, despite earlier showers, and we were very warm by the time we arrived in town. Aristocratic BF is a tireless shopper; we visited British Home Stores, where she tried on everything in sight and spent another fortune. Then we crossed the road to M & S for food shopping. There was a tasting going on, so we tried Cava and lovely chocolate biscuits. The dear little girls who were doing the promotion were having a hard time with one persistent customer. She was an elderly lady who was determined to taste everything (particularly the wine) several times over. When we left, having trawled the whole store while ABF spent for England, she was still propped up against their stand, and didn't look like moving. Sweet!

By the time we arrived home, the pheasant casserole was cooked to perfection (well, truthfully, a little more than perfection) so I hustled round and produced potato and parsnip mash and steamed veg to go with it. For 'afters' we indulged in a steamed syrup sponge which I made, with homemade custard too. ABF then tootled off back to Kent, and I washed up.

My new Swiss/German student arrived at about 6pm, with some English friends. Thankfully they were able to do introductions and explanations, because his English is pretty well non-existent. I gave him some pheasant for supper, and syrup pudding with custard, which he evidently enjoyed - but it's going to be hard going for the next three weeks. I'll be talking to myself most of the time. (So what's new?)

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