Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Small Celebrations.

Today I woke, again, without the sick feeling in my stomach. Mind you, I was woken at 6.40am by my Foreign Student trying to flush the downstairs toilet. Again. I have shown him several times how to do it - it's not really difficult, but there's a knack to it - two quick downward pushes: one,two, just like that. Anyway, he can't seem to do it (why?) so I showed him again this morning. His slow, smiling face watched me, and then he said "It iss difficult." "No", I said, "it's easy." He didn't look convinced.

Breakfast was not a great success either - not the food aspect, which was fine, but it's the complete lack of conversation. Is it just me, but I can't sit there opposite someone and not at least try and converse. Of course I have seen many couples (married I assume) sitting opposite each other in hotels and restaurants and not uttering a word throughout the meal. How do they do that? Anyway, three weeks is beginning to seem like three years already. I'm off to make a spaghetti Bolognese for supper, and do hope it may loosen his tongue.

Daughter and I had a small celebration today, when we went to Bill's for brunch. It is such a great restaurant - rather like a New York deli. It's packed with gorgeous food, fresh fruit and vegetables, heavenly cakes, everything home-made and delicious.
We had poached eggs on toast and coffee, which was quite moderate really. It was a little early for champagne. The other satisfying thing we did was to call in at the Estate Agents and pick up the flat keys. They don't need them any longer. Oh Joy!

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