Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm so relieved I can barely write. I feel like taking a shower in champagne. Son's flat has sold - at last and properly - to our original lady buyer who has hung on since June. What's more, the people who have bought her house want to complete before Christmas, because their buyers have sold and need to move quickly!! I have passed it all over to our lovely solicitor who has his feet firmly on the ground and will do everything properly. He is such a dear, and has our best interests at heart.
I met him first years ago when I had just recovered from the brain tumour, and he has been our family solicitor ever since. He is like an elephant in that he never forgets anything. And he can always be relied on to hit the nail on the head - precisely; just the kind of person we need on our side now. I'm off to take that shower..

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