Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Sky is a hazy shade of Winter.

Spent most of today rushing from pillar to post - not sure what that means, but it describes the day perfectly. This morning had to respond to an eBayer question about something I'm selling, and had to go to the Post Office to get a price for the postage - International to the USA. And I was posting all the completed forms and the Contract for Son to sign and send on. All very important. And had to work out postage for an item already sold on eBay - this time to the Netherlands. And then rushed back, dropping in at Tesco on the way for the odd essential bits of food, to pick up Daughter and Grandson because we had planned to go to Ikea for the day. Phew! By 10.30 I was pretty well pooped. And soaked through.

Then there was the drive to Ikea in pouring rain with lousy visibility. My car steamed up inside, what with all of us breathing all at once (!), and then the rear window wiper packed up. Oh Joy. I would have turned back if I could have. Anyway, we made it in one piece, and of course the rain stopped the minute we arrived. The coffee and cake were all worth it, and Grandson was so good that we all enjoyed our visit. As soon as we got into the car for the return journey, however, the rain started again, and didn't stop sheeting down until we were safely indoors at this end! Sod's bloody Law. Then there was Grandson's supper to get (actually he made his special scrambled eggs again), Student's supper to cook and supper for Daughter and me. By the time I sat down, it was time to get up again to check the eBay stuff..

On the good side though, my Student took one look at Daughter, who is a looker, and immediately morphed into this rather dopey smiling stranger whom I had certainly never encountered before. Daughter and Grandson are staying here tonight, so I think I'll let her do his breakfast in the morning. I'm ready for a lie-in.

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