Friday, November 2, 2007

Cheer up!

It hasn't been a good day. I have spent most of it feeling tired and pretty sick about our general lack of progress in the Flat department. I spent a lot of yesterday trying to sort it out, but not getting very far really. Unaccountably, I feel guilty because I can't actually do anything about it - helpless and hopeless is where I'm at. I'm sure it has been worse today because I'm tired, but I'm teetering on the edge of misery a lot of the time. Son is being very stoical about it,and says that he'll cope whatever happens. I expect he will - he has the resilience of the young, but I do want to be able to make it right for both of them, Son and Daughter.

My young French Student has had an up and down week too, She found a job last week, in a French restaurant locally, but soon discovered that the owner was not quite what he seemed to be. He didn't pay her by the hour, but by the shift, and was rather cavalier about actually handing over any money. She had her tips - which were pretty good - but that was not the point. Anyway, she sussed him out and said she couldn't continue working for him while she was doing her language course. Next she went on to (eventually) find a flatshare, and now, this evening, she has gone off to another job - this time in the Arrogant Frog (a local French restaurant which is definitely named after its owner). She is due to leave me on Sunday and I do wish her well.

This evening my regular French Lady arrived for her three-day teaching stint. I made a risotto for dinner, with mushrooms, bacon and red wine for a change - actually it tasted very good. We had it with salad, and then some fresh pineapple with sour cream and pine nuts for dessert. Sadly, I could hardly bear to make conversation, which is not like me at all. If only I could feel a bit more cheerful. To compensate, I have eaten nearly all the chocolates Daughter bought me as a 'thank-you' for having Grandson. I'll be sorry in the morning...

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