Friday, November 23, 2007

Where the dogs come from..

Chihuahua, Mexico is where my latest reader is based - or perhaps my one reader is moving around the world at the speed of light and logging on from time to time? I feel rather like Terry Wogan (I wish) with his one listener. Anyway, this week I have also had visitors from Buenos Aires Argentina, St. Paul Minnesota, Denver Colorado, Fresno California and Cork in Ireland. Welcome you all, and I hope you'll come around again.

I'm not sure how one actually gets new readers, or how they find a Blog? It's a complete mystery to me, and one I wish I could solve. Do I send links to all my friends, far and wide, in the hope that they will pass it on? Or is there some place one can (virtually) visit, which publicises your Blog? I started reading "Wife in the North" after seeing an article about her in the Sunday Times - but of course, not all of us are so well-connected, or so talented! The world of Blogging was a wonderful discovery for me. It's great that there are so many people out there, in the ether, communicating. But who are we communicating with? And how do we attract an audience? Is there anyone out there who knows the answer to this question? Because I don't even know where to go to ask it, except here - and who knows if anyone is listening, or reading? Questions, questions..

I'm writing this in the commercial break - watching "My Cousin Vinny". This has been a favourite film of mine for years - I love Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei is just great.
I can't resist that Brooklyn New York humour, the way they argue for the love of it -and then there is that priceless moment when the judge asks "What is a yout?" (we haven't got there yet tonight). It cracks me up every time.


Stinking Billy said...

A Mother's etc,
I'll do you a deal. I'll trade you the address of my one and only reader for the address of that amazingly itinerant reader of yours. Then we'll have two each. It's a start. ;-)

family affairs said...

I'm afraid I can be of no assistance whatsoever...I think the best way forward is to hope that slowly but surely people get to enjoy reading your accounts of life and pop in from time to time..word of mouth, I'm sure is the best form of marketing. As you say, Wife In The North had all the right contacts.

Thanks for your support, yes things are a bit up and down...oh well, at least it keeps things interesting! Lulux