Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dream Lover.

How I would love to visit Round Lake, Illinois. It sounds so perfectly lovely - and is the home of one of my latest blog visitors. Others this week have hailed from China (gosh, one from China!), New York and Michigan - plus the regulars, whom I thank profusely for being interested and bothering to read my ramblings.

Last night another much more disturbing dream. This time I was told that Jack (last great lover) was dead. This was very distressing (in my dream) and there was a lot of description and discussion about how he had died. I won't bore you with the details, but the cause of his death seemed to be an excess of sex!! Not that this would have been entirely out of character, because we were both quite keen on sex and had a very good relationship in that area, if not in others. It was just the strangest and most vivid dream, with a very dark and mysterious atmosphere pervading it throughout.(I suppose it had a lot in common, visually and dramatically, with the Harry Potter film I saw in the week.) Anyway, I woke up convinced that it was true, and took a while to realise that it had all been a dream. Not quite sure how to react - it's years since we were in touch and I'm not sure that a phone call to see if he's still alive would be appropriate..

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family affairs said...

Contact him immediately! Life is too short not to do these things as you know. Thanks for your message Lulu xx